What is the exact schedule?

July 3 - July 27 Mondays through Thursdays from 9:00 am till 3:00 pm

Where does the summer camp take place?

Beirut Digital District
Nassif El Yazigi Street, Bechara El Khoury, Beirut

Is transportation available?

We do not provide transportation.

Can my kids buy lunch during the day?

Yes there is a one hour lunch break everyday. Students can bring their food from home, or buy lunch from BDD’s eatery (plat du jour and other items), or from Urbanista.

Who is the organizer of this summer camp?

“Unleash Your Potential” summer camp is organized by TeensWhoCode, a programming academy. It is run by co-founder Nour Atrissi.

What is the purpose / mission of TeensWhoCode?

TeensWhoCode is on a mission to change the world. We do it by raising the next generation of problem solvers and outside the box thinkers through our classes, exposure to the startup ecosystem, listening to founder stories of success and failure, introduction to various kinds of sports, interaction with other students from different ages and backgrounds, teaching skills that aren’t taught at school and so much more.

What is “The Fund” of TeensWhoCode?

“The Fund” of TeensWhoCode is a donation box for anyone who wishes to support students who can’t afford paying for the summer camp. We will be offering scholarships on merit basis from this box.
As a parent, in addition to the tuition fee, you may contribute with a small amount to “The Fund” and provide the opportunity for another kid to join. It won’t be one for one like TOMS but maybe ten for one?

How was the experience of other students?

Please check some testimonials on our Youtube Channel

Are students split based on age?

No. Students are split based on skill level. We believe that a 12 y.o may know more than an 18 y.o in a certain topic and vice versa. We encourage all kinds of interactions during our camp and we believe that anyone, no matter how young or old, has something of value to share.

Is there any insurance for the students?

Yes, every enrolled student will be covered by insurance (except for pre-existing conditions)

Is there any siblings discount?


How Can I register?

Please fill out this form and we will call you asap.

What is the payment method?

Cash or via Western Union

I have more questions

You may whatsapp or call 00961 70 909255 or email info@teenswhocode.com